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section 6
In P8, students have been participating in a program called “The Zones of Regulation” which is designed to develop self-regulation strategies and attain skills in actively regulating actions and emotions. The program teaches children that our emotions and feelings can be grouped into four separate groups; Blue Zone (sad, tired, sick, sad), Green Zone (calm,...
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P24 love making breakfast every Tuesday morning. Each student makes their own toast and chooses a condiment to go with their toast. This could be either Vegemite, Nutella, butter or jam. They then pour a cup of apple juice for themselves and have breakfast together. The students in P24 also use Proloquo2Go to make requests...
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Sensory processing disorder can be common among students with Autism. In P13, we recognise, acknowledge and give a lot of importance to sensory based learning. We have created a sensory room based on our students’ needs. The sensory room has dimmed light, calming music played at all times, with a myriad of sensory toys including;...
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