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Zones of Regulation P8

In P8, students have been participating in a program called “The Zones of Regulation” which is designed to develop self-regulation strategies and attain skills in actively regulating actions and emotions. The program teaches children that our emotions and feelings can be grouped into four separate groups; Blue Zone (sad, tired, sick, sad), Green Zone (calm, happy, listening, safe hands, ready to learn), Yellow Zone (stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, fear) and Red Zone (anger, aggression, over-stimulation, panic, terror).

Through various hands on learning experiences and games, we have learnt to identify our emotions and developed a list of different strategies to use when we are outside of the Green Zone. We have also made a number of classroom displays to help guide our regulation processes. We know it is okay to feel different emotions and that there are different ways that we can help ourselves feel safe, calm and ready to learn.

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