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Positive Behaviour Support

What is School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)?

  • A whole school behaviour support framework
  • A proactive approach to managing student behaviour, requiring whole school commitment
  • Teaching all students socially acceptable ways to behave and interact with others across all school environments through an agreed set of behavioural expectations
  • Proactively preventing and reducing the intensity and frequency of behaviours of concern

PBSSchool Wide Positive Behaviour Support Purpose Statement Purpose Statement

Bulleen Heights School is committed to providing a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment for students and staff where students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of life long wellbeing.

We support the development of each student’s behaviour by:

  • Acknowledging the uniqueness of each student
  • Placing significant emphasis on the development of socially appropriate behaviour
  • Recognising that students who feel safe, supported, accepted and valued are more likely to reflect these qualities in their own behaviour.
  • Committing to a SW PBS framework to guide and support students and staff, in the teaching and learning of responsible self-managed behaviour, using a three tiered process of explicit teaching, encouragement and reinforcement.

What does SWPBS look like at Bulleen Heights School?

 The Bulleen Heights school community developed three positive expected behaviours:

 * Be Safe  * Be Your Best   * Be Respectful

Behavioural expectations are explicitly taught and encouraged by:

  • using our school matrix (see below)
  • describing and modelling positive behaviours
  • individual and whole school reward systems
  • lessons and practical ideas for teaching

    SWPBIS Matrix
    SWPBIS Matrix

Behaviours of concern are addressed by using a multi-tiered model of BHS school wide behaviour support.