Primary Campus (03) 9850 7122
Secondary Campus (03) 9852 1631
Primary Campus (03) 9850 7122
Secondary Campus (03) 9852 1631

Secondary Overview


Secondary school programs consolidate and build upon the skills and knowledge students have gained through their primary school experiences. Students have the opportunity to broaden their experiences in a range of activities in an age appropriate environment.

Our secondary school is located on our Manningham Road campus and it is at this stage of schooling that students commence their journey towards their post school lives.

Manningham Road Campus provides a teaching and learning environment that meets the needs of students aged between 12 and 18 years of age. In the lower secondary school students access programs that are personalised and carefully planned to meet their needs based on the Victorian Curriculum & in the upper secondary students follow either the BHS Upper Secondary School pathway or VPC (Victorian Pathways Certificate) pathway. This learning is complimented by a wide variety of school based and off campus learning experiences, which include community access, supported work experience, TAFE programs and leisure, and recreational activities that promote self-worth, interpersonal and functional living skills. During their secondary years, students develop a Career Action Plan (CAP), which is designed to assist young people to set their goals, clarify the actions needed to achieve these goals, and to commit to participating in the planned activities.

As students approach their final years of school life there is an increased focus on preparation for life beyond Bulleen Heights School and, planning for a smooth transition to post school options. Programs aim to encourage, challenge and excite students within a familiar and safe environment. Managed Individual Pathways (MIPS) plans are formulated with students and their families once they turn fifteen, this assists in planning a direction for the future which is built around strengths and interests.

Our Transition Coordinator will guide and support students and their families through this process. Ensuring students have access to the most appropriate pathway and have the funding and entitlements to support them.

Secondary School culminates thirteen years of schooling and is celebrated by a graduation ceremony for all students who turn eighteen during the year.


Shared Beliefs and Understandings

Our aims are to provide a safe and secure learning environment which caters for the individual needs of our students as they transition to their post school lives.

Emphasis is placed upon.

  • Increased independence
  • Improved effective communication and social skills
  • Self-regulation and management of age appropriate behaviour
  • Promoting educational, social and emotional development
  • Fostering independence and problem solving
  • Collaboration with students their families and professionals
  • Providing a technology rich environment that prepares students for 21st Century living
  • Provision of an environment where students are listened to and success is celebrated

The Secondary Assistant Principal and Leading Teachers are always available if you have any further questions or concerns. We strive to give your child the best education and experiences possible.

Secondary School Leadership Team

Rohan Gosden – Assistant Principal

Adriana Williamson – Leading Teacher: Curriculum Development & Assessment

Rachael Webb – Leading Teacher: Lower Secondary

Sunil Hirani – Leading Teacher: Upper Secondary

Rohan Gosden - Assistant Principal
Rohan Gosden - Assistant Principal
Adriana Williamson - Leading Teacher - Curriculum Development & Assessment
Adriana Williamson - Leading Teacher - Curriculum Development & Assessment
Rachael Webb - Leading Teacher - Lower Secondary
Rachael Webb - Leading Teacher - Lower Secondary
Sunil Hirani
Sunil Hirani - Leading Teacher - Upper Secondary