Primary Campus (03) 9850 7122
Secondary Campus (03) 9852 1631
Primary Campus (03) 9850 7122
Secondary Campus (03) 9852 1631

Enrolment Information


Enrolment forms are available by contacting the Bulleen Heights School office on 9850 7122 during business hours.

Bulleen Heights School – Enrolment Criteria

Students can enrol at Bulleen Heights School if they meet the requirement for funding under the category of Autism Spectrum Disorder on the Program for Students with Disabilities. The enrolment criteria is as follows:

  • A clear medical statement of diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder from either a paediatrician or psychiatrist is required. Note that the statement does not have to be current.


  • A signed report from a registered psychologist containing an Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment and a clear statement confirming the diagnosis.The psychology report also needs to include a demonstration of significant deficits in adaptive behaviour established by a composite score of two standard deviations or more below the mean (score of 70 or below) on the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales – III Comprehensive Teacher Form. The vineland assessment must be less than 12 months old at the time of the application.Note that the above requirement is a diagnostic assessment of ASD, not an assessment of cognitive functioning (IQ).


  • A signed report from a speech pathologist containing a language assessment with a core or total language score of two standard deviations below the mean (score of 70 or below). The list of assessments acceptable by the Department of Education are the PLS-5, CELF-P3, CELF-5, CASL-2, TELD-4, TOLD-P:5, TOLD-I:5. The language assessment must be less than 12 months old at the time of the application.The assessment findings must also include a statement to the effect that the results of the language assessment are consistent with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder


  • A history and evidence of an ongoing problem with the expectation of continuation during school years. Report by either a medical practitioner or psychologist would normally demonstrate history.
Evidence must be provided by a psychologist, a speech pathologist, and a child psychiatrist or paediatrician, with experience and knowledge in the assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Additional enrolment guidance for families of students with disability

The How to choose a school and enrol page of the Department’s website will contain updated information to guide families of students with disability through the specialist school enrolment process.

Designated Transport Zone – eligibility

  • Children who meet our enrolment criteria and who reside in our designated transport zone are welcome to attend our school if a place is available.
  • Students who are eligible to attend our school and who live outside the designated transport zone will have to be transported to school by a parent / guardian / carer.
  • The principal or assistant principals will contact principals of previous schools of all students seeking transfers to discuss the circumstances of the transfer, to seek a transfer note or an immunisation certificate (if enrolling), and to discuss any academic or behavioural matters.
  • The principal has the authority to defer admission in order that enquiries of the previous school are carried out in the interests of the student.
  • Students transferring from other schools will be allocated to classes according to a combination of class size, age, ability and current need.

The DTA link for specialist schools: Find my transport area (

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