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PRC (03) 9850 7122
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Formula 1 Australian Gran Prix

The students of Bulleen Heights school were fortunate enough to visit the Australian Grand Prix in 2020.

The Melbourne MotoGP had plenty of hands on education focused activities allowing the students of Bulleen Heights to experience pathways associated with motor racing.

As well as the  vocational experiences associated with motor racing, the thrill of watching the cars and aeroplanes were enough to excite both student and staff at the show.

Students from around the state were also demonstrating their work on design and this was another highlight for the students as they were able to see the terrific work of our young engineers

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  1. Luca Giannessi

    Really good effort by Bulleen Heights School for VCAL Assessment 2.0

    The way people have worked to pass this has been really good.

    Well done!

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