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section 5
Book Week started with a visit from Roland Harvey, author and illustrator of books such as Islands in My Garden and At The Beach, In The Bush and In The City. He explained how he writes his books and the various ways he illustrates moving from pen and watercolour to working on the iPad. Our...
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P2 and P3 students have been learning how to develop and maintain relationships with their peers. They have been practising basic skills such as turn-taking, active listening and maintaining a conversation. The students have also been learning to look at things from other’s point of view. They have been practising to understand how others feel...
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This year in P15 we have worked hard to provide an environment that not only creates a foundation for our students to get the most out of their learning, but also allows them some control in how that learning takes place. An important part of this philosophy is the creation of our Flexible Learning Room....
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