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Let’s Be Friends P2

P2 and P3 students have been learning how to develop and maintain relationships with their peers. They have been practising basic skills such as turn-taking, active listening and maintaining a conversation. The students have also been learning to look at things from other’s point of view. They have been practising to understand how others feel and the effects of their behaviour on others. When students achieve an interpersonal task successfully, they are rewarded with tokens for being a good friend. Every Fridays, a few students receive awards in the form of ‘Student of the Week’. The other students always congratulate their friends on their achievements.

Social play sessions are a favourite with this classroom. Students often request which toys they would like to play and then role play a variety of situations. They enjoy expressing their feeling not only through words, but also through other means such as smiling, laughing and increasing expression in voice. Our interpersonal program has tied in beautifully with the school PBS expectations. We would like to encourage all our students to “let’s be friends”!

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