Primary Campus (03) 9850 7122
Secondary Campus (03) 9852 1631
Primary Campus (03) 9850 7122
Secondary Campus (03) 9852 1631

M15 at Collingwood Farm

This term M15 have been taking part in the Collingwood Farm Work Program. The aim is to develop social, community and environmental awareness, as well as work skills. Our enthusiastic and hardworking students are, having fun and exploring the wonderful, natural environment of an active sustainable farm, in a city location and learning some new skills.

What our students are saying about Collingwood Farm:

ELIZABETH      ‘I liked walking around the farm.’
FLOYD              ‘Sitting together at the table was fun.’
KOBE                ‘I liked all the farm animals, especially the chickens.’
LIAM                ‘I liked the Chinese geese and working on the farm.’
RIAN                ‘I liked seeing the animals and doing things.’
ROSIE              ‘I liked the calf.’

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