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Natural Food P20

This term P20 are broadening their knowledge and tastebuds exploring food that grows from the land. Our aim is to make food fun and inviting while also learn the important role that natural food has to make us strong and healthy. Each week the students engage in sensory activities exploring the appearance, texture, smell and taste of the weekly topical food. This is followed by a short writing activity as well as a practical or creative task. During week 1, we explored the juicy, sweet and vibrant fruit – watermelon. This was a very popular topic. We learnt how enthusiastic our students are about the fruit with the majority of the class enjoying the fruit freshly juiced, cut or served in small balls using a melon scoop. The theme for week 2 was sweet potato. The students explored the vegetable in its natural form and cooked. We also have a class mascot now, Henry-Ace (named by the students), who is a sweet potato tuber. We are excited to watch the tuber grow slips over the coming days and weeks. To end the day we made Sweet Potato Brownies. Yum!

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