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section 8
This week at MRC Visual Arts students have been working on STE(a)M activities. That is a fancy acronym for lessons which include Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics. Students have built drawing robots to help them create new artworks
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On Monday the 23rd of April, M1 students headed to Docklands to sail for two hours in the bay and out to Williamstown. We sailed with ‘Sailors with DisAbilities’ which is run by volunteers.  We even sailed on the sailing Yacht 97 which won the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race!! The sun was shining and...
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Every Friday at 12pm MRC staff and students meet for 20min to celebrate and share activies that have been happening on campus. This is also a time for our weekly PBS winner to be drawn and recieve the weekly prize. Our PBS box is filling fast and we expect to reach the quota for MRC...
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