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PRC (03) 9850 7122
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Special Olympics

Bulleen Heights School maintains a relationship with Sporting Victoria and Special Olympics to provide opportunities for our students to engage in major sporting events.

Students from Bulleen Heights School attended Melbourne Park on Tuesday 15th October as part of their ongoing commitment to sport and inter school competitions.

Students were able to play on some of the best tennis courts and facilities Melbourne has to offer. Whilst meeting a few sporting celebrities as well (Todd Woodbridge); thank you Special Olympics and Tennis Victoria for continuing to support our school and organising such a great event!

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2 Responses
  1. Luca Giannessi

    It was awesome! It will be a school reunion in 3 years for us all!

    My favourite moments are: Eating the food, dancing to the good music by Noah and doing a speech alongside my teachers.

  2. William john Wright

    Hi my name is William John Wright Just wondering if there is any change for ar reunion for class of the 80s when Kevin hogg was Teacher was Julie harum..thanks

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