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Shared Reading P1

P01 and P07 have spent the first term of 2018 having weekly shared reading activities in the library. These sessions have seen the students have a book read to them, and then the text is explored through song, movement and discussion.

Books are chosen to: 1) promote reading as a pleasurable activity whilst also allowing the teacher to model fluent reading and appropriate reading behaviours, 2) give opportunities for students to join in or read along with other readers whilst also becoming familiar with the conventions of written English, 3) expose students to the language structures and organisational features of written texts, and 4) present vocabulary in the context of a text and extends students to make text to self, text to text and text to world connections. The children are beginning to enjoy the routines of shared reading time and as we progress through the year we will be exploring the library further and learning about a variety of books…especially focusing on the wonderful books created in Australia.

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