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Sensory Room P13

Sensory processing disorder can be common among students with Autism. In P13, we recognise, acknowledge and give a lot of importance to sensory based learning. We have created a sensory room based on our students’ needs. The sensory room has dimmed light, calming music played at all times, with a myriad of sensory toys including; weighted blankets, bouncy balls, trampoline, tunnel, balance board, and bubble machine, all of which provide students with sensory stimuli. This room is often used to positively reinforce formal learning tasks. It is also used to encourage exploration and independent functioning. The room and its ambience have been very therapeutic to all the students in P13. It helps them feel calm, happy and safe. The room has been set up to provide opportunities for students to build on important skills like communication, social interaction, play skills, fine motor and gross motor skills. Some students have learnt to request for a particular item or just the sensory room in general using their augmentative and assisted communication devices. Calm and safe learners are active learners!

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